Cat 22363 ( Jena) has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Two gorgeous sisters, Jena and Stacy, are ready to be the most perfect jewels in a great forever home. They are like a matched set of exotic blue-gray pearls, unique, luxurious, and irresistible. And they are as fun-loving as they are stunning! They’re always together and can only be identified because Jena has a rounder face. Both darlings copy one another and love to play, especially with feather toys, laser lights, and ping pong balls! Gazing out the window is also very entertaining for these curious beauties. They are sweetly affectionate, friendly, and gentle, and may do best in a fairly quiet household. They have been fostered with other cats and have had only a little exposure to dogs through a gate. Exquisite Jena will be a loving treasure in a home where she is adored. Both precious sisters would be as joyful and luminous a treasure as the world’s two most priceless pearls!