Kitten 22367 (Winter) has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx point

Luxuriously soft and extra sweet Winter is a pure confection! Every toy is her instant favorite, whether it bounces, rolls, flies or squeaks, and she romps, pounces and climbs on her little velvety feet through lots of happy-spirited games and kitten explorations and adventures with her kitten playmates. If you have time, she’ll enjoy telling you all about it, because she’s quite the chatty girl! Her first choice is to share a little conversation along with a nice, cozy cuddle up, because this darling doll is a snugglebug too! When she gazes at you with her beautiful sky blue eyes, you see the depth of her darling disposition and her very affectionate heart. This sweetheart gets along well with others and has been fostered with kittens and bigger cats. She’s a gorgeous classic girl in her exquisitely shaded meezer mix coat, with a loving nature sure to make her a beloved member of a sweet forever family. Precious Winter hopes she’s the irresistible treat for you!


Littermate:  Kitten 22366 (Felix)