Joe has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Buff Darker

This is Joe, a soft ray of sunshine with an irresistibly loving personality. Among his busy siblings he’s the one most likely to use his big curiosity to check out any toy, new situation, or empty box! His friendliness is big, is a favorite among the other kittens, and he really adores the adult cats in his foster home. When the happy playtimes and comical antics wind down and there’s any opportunity to be petted and loved on, he becomes the softest, sweetest, dandiest fuzzy wuzzy lovebug. In his rich buff coat he’s with its gorgeous pattern of warm apricot and ivory dapples, he’s as handsome as it gets! Big, soulful eyes are heart-meltingly perfect for this very loving guy. Could fun-loving and deeply affectionate Joe be the new joy in your sweet forever home?

Mother: Ember
Littermates:  Gumbi, Raven, Sandman, Smokey