Sandman has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair

When you love a nice nap, have an easy-going spirit, and wisely move out of the way if things get loud, you might be this little chunkmeister named Sandman! Other than those loud events, he doesn’t rattle easily, is very good with bigger cats, bounces and pounces merrily with his darling brothers, and cuddles right up when there’s an opportunity to be held and snuggled and maybe drift off into one of his happy naps! This lovable sweetie is so very nicely well-rounded - in body and personality! Big dreamy eyes, a sugar dusting on his pouty little smile and those adorable velvet slippers, and a bunny-soft coat like a snuggly onesie, make this little guy a perfect darling! Could this playful, handsome, affectionate boy named Sandman cast his sweet spell on your forever circle of love?

Mother: Ember
Littermates:  Gumbi, Joe, Raven, Smokey