Smokey has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Super handsome and velvety Smokey is a winning combination of sweet, playful, and affectionate. Lots of curiosity guides his busy explorations, and a fun-loving spirit and happy siblings keep plenty of playtimes on every day’s agenda! No toy gets ignored and every comical adventure is worth the time! His favorite sib and most worthy sidekick is his brother Gumbi. He’s a little cautious around children and dogs, but he’s good with all the big and small cats. If you feel like a chat, this is the boy in the batch who’s happy to join the conversation! In his beautiful silky suit the color of translucent smoke, he’s a darling dude who would fit right in to the pages of GQ! What he dreams of now is fitting right in to a forever family where he will be a treasure. Could sweetheart Smokey be your new gem of a little gentleman?

Mother: Ember
Littermates:  Gumbi, Joe, Raven, Sandman