Gumbi has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Silver blue Gumbi is a gentle boy with a soft, quiet, loving spirit. He has his fuzzy paws crossed for a forever home on the calm and peaceful side, probably with only adults. Loud noises, raucous voices, and chaotic activity can alarm him and cause him to hide. He enjoys playtimes with his siblings but also is an excellent observer. No party animal here! He does appreciate all comfy attention in a welcoming lap or next to you to be loved on or nap. In addition to his affectionate but cautious nature, he has a uniquely beautiful, dense and bunny-soft coat that looks pawsitively powdered with stardust! He’s sure to be someone’s treasured gem! If a super handsome little guy who loves quiet affection sounds like a purrfectly companionable comfort, this darling Mr. Mixed Russian Blue named Gumbi would adore being devoted to sweetly dazzling you!

Mother: Ember
Littermates:  Joe, Raven, Sandman, Smokey