Sassy has been adopted!


High-octane Sassy is a classy cutie in her adorable girlie tuxedo! A perfect white triangle highlighting her bright eyes, an upside down triangle white bib, white tummy, and twinkly white toesies make her picture-perfect! And her ink-dipped chin is the perfect touch of whimsy! But she’s not just a pretty face! She’s a great conversationalist with something to say on a wide variety of subjects! Her brother Toulouse is her very best bud and lots of romps and kitten adventures keep them occupied. Climbing to high places and jumping like a little gymnast are second nature to this energetic sweetheart. She likes to be petted but prefers not being picked up, so older children would probably be fine with her. She hasn’t warmed up to dogs yet. She’s brimming with purrsonality and will be a darling delight in a home that treasures her. Could Sassy bring her verve and sparkle to your forever circle?

Mother: Wini
Littermates:  Felix, Mavis, Tigerlilly, Toulouse