Wini is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

1 year old

This green-eyed beauty is called Wini.  She is a very young Mama Kitty who has been busy raising her five kittens while in foster care.  Wini's kittens will soon be old enough for adoption and it is now time for Wini to find a forever home.  Being a single mom, Wini is very independent yet still quite friendly.  Wini does not like to be confined and would prefer a home with the freedom to roam around the house exploring and finding perfect spots for observing the world from inside the safety of her home. Wini is a calm and gentle cat who does enjoy the occasional snuggle from her human(s) and seems to really enjoy wet food at feeding times.  Wini has not been exposed to children or dogs. If you are looking for a friendly, calm and independent cat, Wini is the beautiful choice for you.

Children:  Felix, Mavis, Sassy, Tigerlilly, Toulouse
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