Sidney has been adopted!


She’s the adored beautiful sister to her three boisterous brothers and the apple of her mamacat’s eye, and her name is Sidney! This perfectly well-rounded darling is equal parts sweetheart and social director who manages to keep track of all the happy bouncing and pouncing and also sets the tone for companionable affection. There’s no question that she can hold her own in any race, romp, or game, but her spirit of fairness and good sense keep a lid on too much rough-and-tumble. She’s gorgeously attired in a silky, polished suit with perfect markings, lots of pristine, bright white, and a symmetrically perfect face worthy of a covergirl kitty! Big, luminous, white-highlighted eyes and a bunny-soft sweep of snow white from nose to bib to toes make her simply irresistible! This special girl is a jewel from her easy, loving, playful purrsonality to her calendar girl beautiful and will be a treasure in a forever home that cherishes her. All sugar and spice and everything nice, precious Sidney hopes she the dreamgirl for you!

Mother: Tippy
Littermates:  Arlie, Chase, Gibson