Cassie is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

10 months old

Beautiful, quiet young mamakitty Cassie is ready and waiting for her very own cozy, loved life. Her job as a great mom to her four babies has certainly earned her a sweet future. Everything about her is low maintenance though she may need a little time to adjust to life away from the kittens. She’s a sweetheart who likes to be around people but doesn’t need hands-on attention or lap time. Being petted and talked to makes this calm, gentle, independent girl feel loved. A quiet home without a lot of activity would be her first choice, or being the only cat or in a home with another older, gentle cat. She’s beautifully attired in her classic tortie coat of rich golds and inky black, accessorized with extraordinary jade green eyes. Her gentle demeanor, easy elegance, and companionable personality will make her a treasure in a forever home that cherishes her. Could darling Cassie find her forever in your circle of love?

Children:  Cole, Emma, Faith, Maya
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