Maverick is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Brown w/ White
16 weeks old

Mav is the lovebug in his batch of five bouncy, boisterous boy kittens! Attention is his favorite thing, and sometimes when he just really needs to be petted, he’ll be the one climbing up your leg to say hello! He also loves to tag along cheerily with his foster mom and is very good with all the kittens and even the bigger cats. Lively playtimes with his darling brothers run a close second on this adorable boy’s list of favorites, and he even has a special talent for getting a happy playtime going with the adult cats. He hasn’t met any dogs yet. In his dense, bunny-soft coat of lots of snowy white on his underside and a handsome pattern of black and rich browns on his topside he’s a lookalike for his proud and beautiful mamacat. From head to toe he’s silky smooth and oh-so-pettable, a purrfect fit for this companionable cutie! Could well-rounded, happy, friendly, and affectionate Maverick be the bright new light in your wonderful forever family?

Mother: Selina
Littermates:  Chubbs, Grogu, Mando, Silver
Maverick and Mando
Mando, Silver, and Maverick
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