Grogu is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

16 weeks old

If there’s an empty box to explore and pop out of, or a lively romp, race, or game with his four happy-spirited brothers, stripey Grogu will be front and center for all the fun! He’s a sweet lovable boy who appreciates affectionate head scratches and pets, but is still a little shy of fast people moves. In patient hands he will continue to get comfortable and build confidence with those who love him. In his silky brown tabby suit of classic, rippling dark stripes, he’s a darling little tigerman who will be a handsome big guy some day. And he’ll still have that sugar-dusted smile, broad white bib, and white velvet toes. They’ll just be bigger! His requirements are simple: love, patience, head scratches, and a couple of empty boxes! In return he will be a tabby treasure with a heart of gold and a spirit of gratitude for a place in a loving forever home as sweet as he is! Grogu hopes he’s the great boy for you!

Mother: Selina
Littermates:  Chubbs, Mando, Maverick, Silver
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