Mando is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Tabby / Domestic Medium Hair
16 weeks old

Meet rascally rambunctious Mando, the much-loved ringleader of his happy band of five boys! If there’s a kitten adventure, exploration, or goofy game to lead, he’ll be front and center! Zipping from here to there and being the first to jump over this or climb up that are among this irresistible boy’s special talents! His bright white feet are usually on the move, and there’s a jaunty swagger in his lively step! He can be chatty and especially loves to talk to his brothers, and it’s no surprise he’s also good with the bigger cats in his foster home, but he hasn’t met any dogs. Such a bright-eyed tabby treasure, full of fun and affection, will be a darling delight in a forever home that adores him. Could meow-velous  Mando be the bundle of bouncy boy joy in your welcoming circle of love?

Mother: Selina
Littermates:  Chubbs, Grogu, Maverick, Silver
Mando, Silver, and Maverick
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