Selina has been adopted!


Selina is a young cat who has raised two litters of kittens during her short life.  She was a very good Momma to her kittens and did the very best she could to feed them and keep them safe.  Thankfully, Selina and her kittens were rescued and have all been doing well in foster care.  Selina even took to mothering another abandoned baby kitten along with her own.  Selina is described by her foster family as being very sweet, gentle and affectionate.  She likes people and has a very robust purr.  Selina has not been exposed to dogs or children.  Selina has done a great job of raising her kittens and she is now ready to join a family where she can finally be a kitten herself and receive some tender loving and affectionate care.  Selina is a wonderful young cat who truly deserves a kind and loving forever home. She would do best in a home where she can be the center of attention she doesnt really like to share her attention.