Pear has been adopted!


Meet Pear, Plum, and Peaches, a tortie trio of darling sisters who love each other, are great with adult cats, and will find each other to talk about anything that makes them a little nervous or happens to be on their mind. Happy explorations and funny adventures keep them busy, and zipping up and down their cat tree and bouncing and pouncing with their furry mouse toys and ping pong balls never gets old! They’re classic tortoiseshell beauties are enthusiastic diners too and can’t resist the offer of a cat treat! They haven’t been exposed to kids or dogs, but haven’t missed any fun because of their bond with each other. They are ready to make their way in the world and find their sweet future of security and love. Wouldn’t a home together be amazing? Come and pick your purrfect fruit or take home two or three!

Littermates:  Peaches, Plum, Scotty