Whiskers has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix
Black and White

Meet marvelous Whiskers who dresses for success ever day in his luxuriously silky suit of dapper black and white, accessorized with a memorable white “whisker bow tie” on his utterly adorable face! He likes to look his best for his management position as the guardian and social director of his five - yep five! - lively, darling, and adoring sisters! This sweetheart is super friendly and  outgoing, loves to romp and race and have fun, and always plays well with others. Though he hasn’t had any exposure to dogs or children, with a bit of proper introduction he would probably be fine. He can’t resist any attention and affection which is great because he’s totally irresistible! His personality is as sparkling has his very impressive whiskers, and he’s sure to be a shining star in a great forever family that will cherish him. Sweet Whiskers says, “How about yours?”

Littermates:  Allie, Carmela, Dina, Karla, Lauren