Carmela has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix
Dilute Calico

Soft and silky Carmela is a watchful little beauty, smart and curious and very loving once she knows and trusts you. With five high-spirited siblings she loves a lot, it’s no surprise that fun, games, and toys are a big, happy part of this fluffy treasure’s days. Because she’s such a beauty and has a great talent for observing and assessing situations, she might be called a little diva, but she really is just a sweet girl who appreciates a bit of extra patience to feel comfortable. She hasn’t been exposed to kids, dogs, or adult cats so would probably do best in a quieter home with no small children. To be adored is her heart’s desire, and this darling doll will be so easy to adore! Could little watercolor beauty Carmela be the cherished new addition in your forever circle of love?

Littermates:  Allie, Dina, Karla, Lauren, Whiskers