Allie has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

This floofy little inky black doll is Allie. She has a darling personality very much on the gentle and quiet side, though once she knows you, being petted and loved on is her favorite thing. A happy, playful spirit has her romping happily with her five precious and fun-loving brother and four sisters, and she and her sweet sister Dina are identical fluffbugs in looks and personality, except for Allie’s little white tummy patch!  She has not been exposed to dogs or adult cats and does respond to patience, so a calm home without small children would be best. Her gorgeous coat will benefit from regular brushing to maintain its gloss and polish. This precious little silky sprite will be a darling delight in a secure forever home as sweet as she is. Adorable Allie hopes you choose her. Could sister Dina double the fun and love?

Littermates:  Carmela, Dina, Karla, Lauren, Whiskers