Amanda is a beautiful young cat with large, expressive and watchful eyes.  She recently gave birth to a litter of kittens and has been raising them while in foster care.  Her kittens have reached the age where they will soon be adopted and Amanda is ready to find a forever home too!  She is a very loving young cat who enjoys being held by her humans (but doesn't care for being carried around).  She enjoys snuggles, behind the ear scratches, and loving affection from her humans.  She has a lovely subtle purr to show her contentment.  Amanda seems neutral about the resident dog and will probably do quite well in a home with a well-behaved dog(s) when she does not have her kittens with her to protect.  Amanda was a very attentive and loving mama to her kittens and now she is ready to have some kitten fun herself and to bring her sweetness and love to a family who will give her the love, affection and attention that she deserves.