Cat 22871 (Molly)

Tabby / Torbie
Brown white feet/chest

Calm and affectionate Molly “always looks grumpy when she wakes up from a nap”, but overall an easy-going gal.  She has gotten along fine with bigger cats, but it’s her five high-spirit brothers and sisters who create all the happy playtimes she loves to bounce and pounce through. As playful as she is, she’s the one who is super nurturing and will randomly clean one sub, I gotta or another and loves to cozy up to and nuzzle her humans! Her tabby coat is bunny-soft and luxurious and beautifully marked with dramatic dark stripes and lots of bright white. She’s perfectly polished, sweet as can be, and is sure to be the most loving and companionable of kitties! Lovebug Molly hopes you choose her!