C.B. has been adopted!


Meet C.B. (Climber Boy)!  C.B.  was the first of his litter mates to discover his climbing abilities and he is quite agile.  He is extremely playful and excels at romping around with other kittens and exploring his surroundings.  He enjoys climbing up the cat trees, chasing his the other kittens through the cat tunnel, interactive string toys, cat-nip toys and the laser light dot. C.B. is a most helpful kitten who likes to be near his humans so he can see if they need any assistance in their tasks.  He is also very good at supervising his humans as they go about their daily business.  C.B. is an excellent snuggle-bug who likes the affectionate attention of humans.  He has a nice purr to let them know that he is content.  His silky soft coat has beautiful, swirl markings.  He does great with adult cats, other kittens, and school age kids.  He has not been exposed t0 dogs.   C.B. is a wonderful kitten who is looking to find a purrfect forever home where he will receive the love, attention and affection that he truly deserves.

Littermates:  B.G., Pooper