B.G. has been adopted!


B.G. (short for Baby Girl) is a sweet kitten with a very happy personality.  She has typical kitten energy and loves to play all kinds of kitten games.  She enjoys running around with her littermates, climbing the cat tree, chasing all kinds of cat toys, zipping through the cat tunnel and so many more kitten activities.  When it is time to rest and relax, she can be found curled up with her siblings or on one of her foster humans.  She is especially fond of her foster daddy and likes to nap on his chest.  She has a sweet little purr that expresses her happiness at receiving human love and affection.  She gets along great with her siblings, the other foster kitten in the home as well as the resident adult cats.  She has not been exposed dogs or children.  B.G.'s soft, silky coat continues to change as she grows - her brown tabby coat now has some calico colored markings.  B.G. is a well-adjusted, sweet and playful kitten who is ready to find a loving, affectionate and forever home.  If you are looking to adopt two kittens, B.G.s sibling, C.B. would make a great partner.

Littermate:  C.B.