Cat 22899 (Walter) is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
Buff and White
8 months old

Wonderful Walter may sometimes look a bit stern with his little professor face, but he’s really full of such fun and friendliness.  He’s smooth as silk in his glossy coat of creamy red, with wisps of cottony white here and there, and a fuzzy wuzzy chin perfectly dipped in the sugar bowl! Every kind of toy is his favorite, and he can make a plaything out of anything including empty boxes and crunchy packing paper! It’s no surprise this out-going, laid back little guy has gotten along well with kittens and other cats. So don’t be fooled by his adorable face if it looks like he’s about to grouch at you. He isn’t. He wouldn’t know how! He’s built for fun and affection and will be a darling addition in a forever family as great as he is. Could adorable Walter bring his scowly, sweet, and buffy self to the heart of your welcoming world?

Mother: Mom Cat 22897
Littermates:  Cat 22898 (Quinn), kitten 22902
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