Cat 22915 (LittleFoot)


Meet darling Littlefoot who is as agreeable as any kitten ever! He has the dignified air of an excellent butler, the easy personality of a well-behaved child, a playful spirit just right for fun with his brothers, and enough independence to entertain himself quite happily any time! He also gets along well with small children. And all his very companionable gifts are wrapped in a handsome tabbyman coat accessorized by awesome extra impressive white toesies beccause this great little guy is a purrfect! And get your snuggle vibe ready because he will come up on the bed to be cuddled and petted and listen to whatever you have to share! Who could resist the sweet affection behind those big, soulful eyes and freckled pink nose? Sweetheart Littlefoot would adore being the beloved, big-footed boy in your forever circle of love!