Cat 22927 (Cloudy) is available for adoption

Grey w/white
6 months old

There is no softer cat that purrbug Cloudy. She’s also the sweetest girl ever. Even her two lively fostermates will attest to that! Hippity hopping with any kind of little toy, or bouncing right along in any race or romp, keeps her easily entertained, but cuddles and snuggles are her most favorite things!  She’s extra sof, with a beautiful coat of soft ivory and dramatic soft stripes making her a truly classic tabby girl, well-known for managing homes and hearts across the centuries! No muss. No fuss. No problem is the motto of tabby girls everywhere! This darling doll has her bags neatly packed and her silky suit fluffed and is ready and waiting to sparkle in a sweet forever home of her own! Cloudy hopes she’s the treasure for you!

intake 3/31/22
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