Cat 22932 (Cady) is available for adoption

9 months old

Meet cuddly calico Cady! This cutiepie loves hands-on attention, and being held and talked to is her very favorite thing! But she’s a happy kitten with three energetic siblings, so funny explorations and adventures happen every day, and no toy goes unappreciated! This darling girl may want a little extra time to assess new situations, but she warms up quickly especially when fun or affection are offered. She also gets along well with bigger cats and small dogs. Her gorgeous coat is a one-of-a-kind beautiful blend of stripes and brushstrokes in charcoal, dove gray, and alabaster white highlighted with molten gold patches. Luminous and lovely eyes, expertly outlined in kohl black, add to her extraordinary good looks. She sparkles with beauty and deeply loving affection and will be a cherished treasure in a family that adores her. She'll keep herself entertained with her favorite ball. Could cuddlebug Cady be the perfect companion for you?

Favorite toy
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