Cat 22933 (Chester) has been adopted!

Brown White feet

Beautiful brown and white Kitten 22933 also known as Chester has a lot of tales to tell, since he arrived as a tiny little pal at our sanctuary. He is super sweet and loves to hang out with his people and playmates and being on a big bed! Sometimes under the covers makes him especially happy. This wonderful kitten likes to talk, and ask for cheek and head scratches. He is super affectionate and loves to be carried and pet. Playtime is his ultimate favorite activity! He will romp and roll with toys and other kittens. He has a very playful nature & will never turn down the opportunity to play kitten games. Now it's time for this loving, hard-working little guy to be the cherished one in a welcoming, adoring forever home of his very own. Chester hopes he's the perfect companion for your forever family! He's a ray of sunshine, just waiting to be adopted.