Cat 22936 (Earl) has been adopted!


This boy with the most perfectly “draped” face is darling Earl. He’s a fuzzy wuzzy “old soul” who is a champion napper and doesn’t require a lap, just a comfy chair or sofa, and will seek you out for chin scratches and when he’s missing some much-needed affection. He’s not afraid of other cats or well-mannered dogs. He especially likes playtimes with the feather wand but can be intimidated by the bolder kitties. This vibrant red, bunny-soft treasure is always sweet and gentle with people and his playmates and has a deeply lovable nature easily read in his big, soulful eyes. He'll catch him making biscuits in the air and showing how much he wants to be in your lap.  Such a precious little guy will be a companionable joy in a forever home as wonderful as he is. Endearing Earl would adore being your sweet addition!