Cat 22942 (Sage)


With her exotic calendar girl beauty, sweetheart Sage is a tortoiseshell classic! But she’s as happy as she is gorgeous, and little games of chasing and romping in the morning are fine ideas for playtime, and lounging on a chair or perching on a windowsill can also fill her day just fine. If you’re not close by when she wants some loving, she is purrfectly happy to come and find you! Meeting new people quickly brings out her open-hearted friendliness, and while it takes a little longer, she does warm up to other pets who seem to enjoy those morning playtimes! Mealtimes get her extra happy, and people food may need to be monitored around this enthusiastic diner! Her long, silky coat of dramatic black liberally marbled with gold will stay gorgeous and glistening with regular brushing. This calm, mellow, companionable beauty will be treasure in a forever family that adores her. Could sweet tortie Sage be the treasured jewel for you?