Chloee is available for adoption

Tortoiseshell / Tabby
8 years old
Chloee is not in the care of The Cat House on the Kings and we cannot vouch for her personality or health status. Please call (559) 994-5650 with questions; do not contact The Cat House on the Kings about Chloee!

Chloee - Chloee is a 9-10 year old Gray Tortoiseshell. She is very shy and timid at first, but is very friendly once she opens up to you. She loves to be around you and tap you softly with her paw for attention. She loves to try to drink water from any container laying around, especially your cup! Give her some time to warm up to you and she'll never leave your side. Chloee also has a bit of sass to her that makes her personality so fun to observe! She also enjoys sitting on your computer desk, your chair, or anything near you.

All three kitties were rescues from people who couldn't take care of them at the time. Nani was rescued as an older kitten, so she was still a little wild at the time. Chloee and Ponyo were rescued together at a few months of age. All three furbabies were raised with lots of love in a multi animal home.

Unfortunately, life had a different plan in mind for us, as a close family member has developed a terminal illness and is prone to accidents. The family member's mobility is tough and due to that, both for the safety of the kitties and the family member, we need to find them new loving homes to call their fur-ever homes.

* Chloee and Ponyo must be adopted together as they are bonded. Nani can also be adopted with them, but could also excel on her own. * All three cats prefer a dog free home, however if you have a small dog that is good with cats, they will tolerate the dog. * All three cats prefer to be the only cats in the home. * All three cats prefer an adult or senior home, no children please. * All three cats are easy-going and can be playful during play time. They want more attention as they get more comfortable with you, but they are also very independent the majority of the time. As long as they are around you they are happy. * They can keep themselves occupied during normal work hours as well. * All three kitties will hunt small animals like hamsters, birds, fish etc. If you have these in your home it might not be a great fit.

 All three kitties are up-to-date on their vaccines and are all spayed. * All three cats prefer wet cat food over dry food, but will eat dry food in small amounts if left out. (They specifically like Friskies Pate, the ocean fish and salmon ones.) * Will require paying a re-homing fee of at least 40$. * If possible, will need to schedule a home check/visit to see if you and your home are a right fit for these kitties. * If for any reason you no longer wish to keep these cats, I will personally take them back no questions asked. Please reach out to me first if you are considering putting them back up for adoption. These cats are very important to our family and I wish to find them the best home they can be in. * If you have any other questions feel free to ask me. If you call, please leave a voicemail as I get a large amount of spam calls.*

Chloee, Ponyo and Nani is currently living in Elk Grove, CA 95757

Buddy: Ponyo

Please note:

  • Chloee needs a home with no young children. (The San Diego Humane Society offers a Shy Cat training class over Zoom.)
  • Chloee is not a The Cat House on the Kings cat, so do not contact us about her. We cannot vouch for her personality or health status. For more information, or to meet Chloee, please fill out an application form and her caregiver will contact you in 24-48 hours.