Cat 23005 (Andy) has been adopted!


Meet Mr. Delightful, also known as Andy, a coal black ambassador of friendliness who will greet you at the door and be enthused about everything you do! This totally adorable little shmoozer is full of curiosity and can’t resist exploring every nook and cranny, even ones he knows well, and cooks up comical little antics that are sure to make you smile! With his great spirit of friendliness, it’s no surprise he gets along well with bigger cats, and dogs, and kids! When he hears his name he comes running, and when there’s a tummy rub when he finds you, that’s the best reward of all! His glossy black suit is super soft, sleek, and polished, the perfect attire for such a sweet, furry ambassador! Could this easy-to-love boy named Andy be the ebony gem for your adoring and protective forever family?