Cat 23040 (Daphne)

Domestic Short Hair
Black Black

Emerald-eyed, velvety black Daphne is the cutiepie sister to 2 happy, lovable little siblings. Together they fill each day with lively romps and plenty of comical kitten explorations and adventures. With her big curiosity she is usually counted on to lead the merry way to the next playtime and keep things hippity hopping. When the hijinks wind down you may find her lounging and snoozing in a patch of warm sunshine on the floor. She has also been exposed to other cats but has not been exposed to dogs or kids. She’s silky and soft as a cloud, dark as a beautiful deep night sky, with a heart full of sunny fun and affection. Luminous green eyes are the perfect jewels to complement this darling treasure of a classic girl. Could precious girlie Daphne be the sweet addition to your forever circle of love and protection?