Biscuit's adoption is in progress!

16 weeks old

Cute and cuddly Biscuit is a sweetheart who loves to have her fuzzy wuzzy belly rubbed and be held and hugged and snuggled. A nice back rub and shoulder massage are always welcome too! She and her three darling siblings love to climb the cat tree and play with their kitty toys and have enjoyed extra nurturing from their wonderful mama cat and four other kitties too. This sweet little girl is quite a beauty too, all watercolor softness and delicate markings from her velvety ears to the tip of her adorably dark-tipped tail! What a precious addition she will be in a forever family that cherishes her. And how easy she will be to cherish for her happy, loving, sweetly affectionate personality. Precious Biscuit hopes she’s the perfect little jewel for you!

Mother: Debbie Mom
Littermates:  Chai, Fin, Pebbles