Kitten 23050 (Jenny) has been adopted!

Brown white socks

Meet little jewel Jenny! This pretty-as-a-picture fluffbug is as intelligent as those bright eyes look, with a big, happy, busy curiosity! Finding her own entertainment is easy for her nosy personality, but she can’t resist lively romps, races, and wrestling matches with her siblings to keep things hopping! She’s also been raised with other kittens and probably the most reserved of the litterl. When this spunky girl has had enough playtime, adventures, and comical little explorations, she’ll come looking for you to get her velvet ears and chin scratched and be petted from her nose to her toes to the tip of her fuzzy wuzzy tail! Who can resist that precious face, with purrfectly symmetrical markings, a petal pink nose, and cloud white highlights?! Exuberant and beautiful Jenny would adored being your bright and sparkling gem!