Kitten 23052 (Penny) has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx Point

Floofy, playful Penny is one of four bouncy litter of four kittens. Even though she’s an extraordinary beauty, there isn’t a bit of diva in this loving and spunky sweetheart. In romps and races she is the mostly impressive sprinter among her worthy opponents, and any games with catnip toys or the laser pointer are among her very favorites! She’s a bit of a goofy girl, so it’s not surprising that she likes to nibble on toes and loves to roll on her back in the hopes she’ll get a vigorous belly rub! She doesn’t like vacuum cleaners, but she really likes kids! And when there’s an opportunity to snuggle, fuzzy blankets are another fav, but her biggest, best cuddles are saved for you! Sleeping in pairs is typical of this bunch, so a home with a sibling would be pretty special. If a sapphire-eyed lovebug would bring joy to your world, precious Penny can’t wait to meet you!