Cat 23053 (Doyle)


Adorable Doyle is an all-around great tabby tiger boy! This friendly sweetheart is easy-going and out-going and loves to be scooped up to be held and petted and loved on! Playtime is the highlight of his day, and his beautiful sisters are his favorite playmates whether they are romping, wrestling, racing, or putting their comical curiosity to work exploring every nook and cranny! A handsome suit of silky black stripes and a perfectly highlighted, impish little face make him an irresistible classic - a black and silver American tabby shorthair! But it’s  his terrific personality, full of fun and love, that will endear him to a forever family that will treasure him. Darling Doyle would love to be yours. If Tulip came too, he’d be “over the moon”! He thinks you would be too!