Taurus has been reported lost!

Domestic Short Hair

Silvery black Taurus loves all the wacky hijinks with his sweet siblings, but things started hard for all of them until nurturing foster care turned their futures around. This spunky boy has had a lot of caring human touch to develop security, and now loves people attention, really loves other cats, and is even okay with a small to medium sized dog. This polished gem of a boy chases any toy available and can bounce and pounce with great agility and lively enthusiasm. Petting his sleek and velvety coat is a joy and one that he’s now happy to slow down for and savor! With his ebony satin nose, pert little smile, big, wide eyes, and impressively large ears, this dandy dude is a classic housepanther showstopper full of fun and learning to soak up loving affection. Could handsome happy Taurus be the loved and protected treasure in your welcoming world?

Mother: Theresa country mom
Littermates:  Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo