Meet sweet Aries, soft and beautiful, with the biggest eyes ever! Whatever she’s doing, she’s simply adorable! Life began harshly for this sweetheart and her precious siblings, but they have all been patiently nurtured to learn to trust and enjoy people and also get along with the bigger cats and smallish dog in their foster home. Every toy is this irresistible girl’s instant favorite whether is rolls, bounces, jingles, or crinkles. Patient cuddling and affectionate talk bring out her loving nature with velvety head boops and cheek rubs. She’s a darling with a picture-perfect face sure to make you smile and a cloud-soft classic torbie coat in beautiful watercolor grays and ivory. Could this little treasure named Aries, ready to love and be loved, be the adored new addition in your sweet forever circle of affection?

Mother: Theresa country mom
Littermates:  Libra, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo