Kitten 23081 (Wendy)

Maine Coon Mix / Russian Blue Mix

This angelic little gal is the purrfect blend of sugar and spice! When she turns on her sugary purrsonality you can expect a whole lot of purring, cuddling, biscuit making, and tender little kisses while she is lounging across your chest. When she turns on her spicey purrsonality you'll witness a mix of fearless explorations, uninhibited playfulness, and some wicked wrestling moves she uses on her favorite feather toys. She does not shy away from much. In fact, when she see's people Wendy wants to be the first to get attention! Her favorite mode of transportation is being lounged across a shoulder where she gets to explore the wonderful world that she is ready and willing to light up! Rosie also loves to play fetch! If you're looking for the purrfect package wrapped in black and white silky fluff, then look no further and give Wendy the gift of a forever home!