Mama Dip is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

1 year old

When your foster mom describes you as “a dream cat”, that’s special! Mama Dip has been an awesome young mamacat to her six little cuties, but has also managed to be playful, curious, chatty, and very companionable with her people without being pushy or needy. She’s happy to follow you around and relax and nap next to you and even have a conversation if you’d like! She’s been great with other cats and likes every kind of toy, and watching birds out the window is a favorite pastime for this sweetheart. Even though she’s done a deeply loving and responsible job of nurturing her kittens, she’s still a kitten herself. This beauty is a stunningly sleek and gorgeous tortoiseshell classic, with magnificent ears and beautiful, luminous, molten gold eyes. She’s proven herself to be a precious treasure and deserves to be the beloved jewel in a sweet forever family that will cherish her. Could dream cat Mama Dip be your darling girl?

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