Sour Cream has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Tortie Pt.

This beautiful little miss is sassy and lovable Sour Cream. She and her sibs, all named for favorite chips, and their darling mother, Mama Dip, are ready to find their forever places in families that can’t resist them! This picture-perfect darling loves toys and playtimes and especially her sweet sister, Cheddar. They can often be found snuggled together or grooming each other. She hasn’t been exposed to dogs or small children, but when she runs out of steam for playing, she turns into a cozy cuddler who hopes you’re ready to spoil her with the hugs and snuggles she loves! This happy-spirited sweetheart couldn’t be lovelier in her plush, cream-colored coat elegantly highlighted from her taupe velvet ears to her kissable nose, to her soft taupe toes! Could precious Sour Cream be the perfectly delectable little treasure for you?

Mother: Mama Dip
Littermates:  Cheddar, Chip, Onion, Salt, Vinegar