Cheddar has been adopted!


This little buff fluffball is Cheddar whose foster mom has only sweet things to say about her! Despite a rough start, she and her excellent young momcat, Mama Dip, and her four chip-named siblings thankfully found abundant care and nurturing in a great foster home. There this cloud-soft darling has been wonderful in every way, full of playful energy and kitten curiosity, and with a great affectionate nature that has her curling up on your lap or draped around your neck to doze or watch the world go by. She has loved her mom and sibs for their kitty companionship and would do well with a kitty friend, especially one of them. She has not been around dogs or small children. Her personality, like her delicate beauty, is soft and gentle, and her heart is happy and loving. She’s a charmer from her darling pink nose to her soft little toes and will be a treasured addition in a sweet forever family. Could precious Cheddar be the cherished jewel for you?

Mother: Mama Dip
Littermates:  Chip, Onion, Salt, Sour Cream, Vinegar