Shante has been adopted!


Every toy is purrfect in sweet Shante’s eyes! With her darling brother Dante, playtimes are plentiful and high-energy, and extra playmates include the bigger cats, small to medium-sized dogs, and also children! When this pretty little tabby classic isn’t busy having fun, she is a pure cuddlebug who is super loving and gives lots of tender kitten kisses! Her elegant coat is polished and silky and marked with a dramatic pattern of smoky pale and deep-night-dark stripes, and her darling face and busy velvety feet are studies in the irresistible sparkle of lots of bright white! When this doll boops you with her petal pink nose, who can resist such an affectionate nature?! She’s a treasure of playfulness and snuggly love and will be a cherished addition in a forever home that will give her lots of hugs and kisses and a friend to keep her company. Shante hopes she’s the purrfectly precious girl for you!

Littermate:  Dante