Dante has been adopted!


This is dandy Dante, loving brother to Shante and great buddy to all! Every single toy is his instant favorite, and he gets along with bigger cats, small and medium-sized dogs, and children! As fun-loving as he is he also has a very big lovebug vibe and always hopes there are some cozy cuddles and fuzzy hugs for him! He’s a best-dressed tabbyman classic with a beautifully striped, silky suit, perfectly accessorized with a soft white bib, bouncy feet, and speckled tummy. And who can resist those big, adoring eyes and that precious little sugar-dusted pout! With his happy spirit of fun and great depth of affection, this adorable boy is sure to be a joyful addition in any forever family that gives him lots of hugs and kisses and a friend to keep him company. Dante would love to be your darling delight!

Littermate:  Shante