Wisteria has been adopted!

Siamese Mix / Snowshoe

Wisteria is one of five super-cute siblings.  Wisteria has a sweet face that will melt your heart! Wisteria has a very calm and mellow personality.  She likes to sit back and observe her siblings play for a bit and then, if she is interested in their current activity, she will join in for the fun and games!  They zip and zoom around the house chasing each other, balls and soft cat toys.  Wisteria plays well with her siblings and gets along with the adult cats in the foster home.  She has not been exposed to children or dogs.  Calm, sweet, playful and cute, Wisteria is ready to join a forever home.

Mother: Mariposa
Littermates:  Iris, Jonquil, Lavender, Sweet Pea