Mariposa is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

2 years old

Meet Mariposa.  She is a beautiful, young mama cat with a unique, calico colored coat.  Mariposa has just finished raising her litter of 5 kittens and is now ready to let them go to forever homes.  She has been a perfect mother cat, very protective of her babies and always ready to keep them safe.  Once she knows that her kittens are safe and secure, she has a sweet and friendly personality with a great purr.  She will rub against her foster human when seeking affectionate attention.  Mariposa has not been exposed to dogs, children or adult cats.  She will do best in a home with no small children and with an experienced cat owner.  Mariposa has been a wonderful mama cat but it is now time for her to enjoy the benefits of a forever home where she will receive the love, care and attention that she truly deserves.  If you are looking for a young cat who is playful and loving but without the craziness of a kitten, please consider Mariposa as a forever companion.

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