Jasper is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Orange and white
17 weeks old

Rock ‘n’ roll Jasper is a jump-for-joy boy! With three lively brothers there’s always an opportunity for some good natured wrestling and rowdying and cooking up a comical little adventure or exploration. But he fits the lovebug label too with a sweet spirit and irresistibly happy affection. He’s a handsome tabbyman classic in his smooth suit of russet orange and cream, with a mischievous little face, big ears that don’t miss a thing, and adorable bright white feet always on the move. While he hasn’t been around dogs or kids, he has been a delight to his big people fosters and of course a great favorite of his brothers. He’s adorable and easy to love from his white tipped ears to his perky little smile to his perfectly striped tail. With his balanced personality of fun and affection he is sure to be a beloved boy in a forever home that treasures him. Could Jasper be the great new guy for you?

Littermates:  Jiminy, Onyx, Orion
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