Adorable Jiminy is a special favorite of his foster family who describes him as “the big brother of his bunch of four busy brothers, with a great big purr and a great big heart. It’s no easy task to keep his three brothers in line but he manages without being tough. He does it with his playful, charming personality and then turns into an equally great snugglebug with his people when he’s tired out. He is just sweetness all over.” And if that isn’t enough he’s a cloud-soft, super classic orange tabby boy, as classic a kitty as there is! Whether it’s playtime or snuggle time this purrasaurus cutiepie is a joy! It’s unknown about how he would get along with dogs or kids, but it’s a sure thing that he’s a winner with everyone who knows him so far! He’s ready to bring his sweet boyishness to a forever home as wonderful as he is. Darling Jiminy hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Jasper, Onyx, Orion