Domestic Medium Hair

He may not be the heftiest housepanther, but Onyx has a bold and burly purr, a big loving spirit, and hugely happy heart! His spritely playfulness in every game and romp makes him a favorite of his three boisterous brothers, and his big curiosity keeps their kitten hijinks hopping! And when he climbs in your lap for a warm snuggle or rolls on his back to have his fuzzy belly rubbed, his sweetness is impossible to resist! He hasn’t met any dogs or kids yet, but everyone who knows him thinks he’s awesome! This lanky lovebug is polished to gem perfection, as handsome as he is affectionate and fun-loving! He’s sure to be an adorable addition in a sweet home of his own. Could coal black Onyx bring his heart of gold to your secure and loving forever family?

Littermates:  Jasper, Jiminy, Orion