With her velvety white-tipped front paws that look “French manicured” and her big, heart-melting eyes, Frenchie is a darling doll! A soft, lux calico coat of many colors, white “boots”, a snowy bib and chin, and adorably quizzical white eyebrows make her a pawsitively purrfect little work of art!  But it’s her wonderfully sweet and easy personality that are sure to capture your attention and win your heart! Playing with her siblings is a happy, busy highlight of every day, and her big curiosity adds to the creativity and comedy! But her greatest talent is for cuddling, and no opportunities to be loved on are missed by this pretty sweetheart! She hasn’t been exposed to dogs, but she has been good with young kids. Affectionate, fun-loving, and beautiful Frenchie hopes she’s the precious girl for you!

Littermates:  Caine, Nala, Poe, Theo Petco home